About CSD


An overall commitment to excellence defines Custom Service & Design, Inc. as an industry leader in filtration quality, technology, customer service and new product innovation. Whether you goals are to improve your filtration quality or to lower your costs, we believe we can help.

CSD offers industry expertise that is second to none, assisting our customers with information via phone, internet, print, and one-on-one service. Our customer base is international and diverse, let us help you advance in this new decade.

CSD is a full service industrial filtration manufacturer & supplier. We offer:

  • high quality products
  • continuous investment in manufacturing technology
  • state-of-the-art technology 
  • innovative designs
  • exceptional personal service

Manufacturing, Administration, Sales and Technical Support are centralized. A single telephone call allows our customers to obtain immediate information about pricing, order status, or technical expertise for our knowledgeable support staff.

CSD is entirely systemic, ensuring our customers that the products we ship to the specs of the ordered and on time. We provide filtration solutions to meet a wide demand of industry applications. We maintain an extensive standard line of bag & cartridge vessels and/or work with our customers to develop & design a product to meet a unique circumstance.

Quality, safety, user friendly designs, and great service all at a great price!

CSD is a full service industrial filter manufacturer and supplier. We provide both standard & custom filtration solutions. CSD innovations in technology and quality are our core commitments; all at a fair price We have the inventory to provide you with standard filtration at the ready as well as an extensive manufacturing operation that is always ready for a challenge.


Support American Manufacturing

CSD is a Michigan based company that manufactures hi-tech filtration solutions for virtually any filtration application in a variety of industries.

CSD vessel manufacturing utilizes American made components that are industrial grade. Safety and quality are paramount @ CSD.

Our products are American made with the highest quality components that will stand the test of time and heavy use.

CSD is entirely systemic, ensuring our customers that the products we ship are exactly as ordered and on time.

CSD's product line covers all filtration requirements from the simplest filter bag to the most complex purification system. Our goal is to provide our customers with the filtration solutions they require; accurately and on a timely basis.

Important to note; CSD offers the only industrial grade cartridge line available today.